Hello! I continue to add new lessons each month. Please choose the section of Scripture you want to study and then view the various sermons. Most of what I am currently posting are lessons preached very early in my career. If you are looking for a sermon ideas, I have more for you to choose from.


Sermons are now listed by Bible section, and then by Bible book. If there is more than 1 sermon from a particular chapter then the lessons are in scripture verse order. My prayer is that this will make it easier to find.


I have new book in print! It is entitled, "The Persuasive Pulpit." Gospel preaching, by its very nature, is persuasive. The message needs to be preached in such a way to entice listeners to the story of the gospel and their need to respond to it. This volume effectively looks at the art of preaching and persuasion to enhance each sermon. The principles found in this book will help preachers effectively use persuasive techniques from the pulpit.


As always, email me if you find the links don't work or bring up the wrong file.



I readily admit that many of my lessons I have borrowed from other preachers.  If you find something without the proper credit, email me and I will make the correction. Thanks!                                                                                         -gls

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Various Sermon Series and Bible Class Lessons

The 3 Worlds of Eternity

     My book has been prepared into a series of class lessons. For each chapter there is a reproducible handout and a PowerPoint presentation.


Back to Basics Lessons

     A study for new Christians, and a great review for older ones.  Topics include scripture memory verses; understanding the difference between the Old and New Testaments; the arrived of the church; how to become a Christian; the work of the church; the worship of the church; organization of the church; some common false doctrines; and the second coming of Christ.


The Greatest Chapters in the Bible

     I have chosen 20 chapters from the Bible that I believe are very important to understanding the great themes of the Scriptures.  All 66 books are inspired of God and the twenty I selected are of my own doing.  I hope you find some good Bible class material in these lessons.



     A study on how to rightly divide the word of God.  Semantic and genre based; this study will improve your interpretation skills.


Jews Under Persia Series

     Andrew has expanded the materials in this section.


The Parables

     A review of most of the parables of Jesus.  My thanks to Warren W. Weirsbe and James Burton Coffman for the material used in these lessons.


The Plan of Salvation

     Six lessons.  One sermon each on faith, repentance, confession, and living faithfully.  Two lessons on baptism showing the necessity of it, and answering some of the misconceptions about it.


Positive Spiritual Attitude

     While preaching in Sentinel, Oklahoma I wrote a series of articles for The Sentinel Leader. This series is a positive look at practical ways to live the Christian faith. My prayer is that they will serve as a little inspiration to remain faithful midst life's problems.


The Psalms

     I have grouped the Psalms into 13 categories (suitable for a 13-week Bible class based on subject). I have also listed the Psalms numerically for instant access to an outline on a particular psalm.


Sagacity and Scripture

     This is a series of short articles designed to get people to think (or re-think)

their relationship with God.  You are welcome to copy this articles for your

website, or weekly newsletter.


Spiritual Warfare

     Our battle is spiritual, not physical. We need equipment from God to be able to win the fight. This class first looks at the various kinds of temptation and then goes to Ephesians, chapter 6. There the armor of the soldier of God is seen in both offensive and defensive weapons.


The Ten(der) Commandments

     My thanks to Ron Mehl and his book, "The Ten(der) Commandments" for the materials used I this series of Lessons.  Mehl's outlines take the Decalogue and put them in their proper NT perspective.  This makes a great class to study both the Old and New Testaments at the same time.


Victory Assured!

     This series of lessons, with handouts (with answers) and PowerPoint that is based on my book, Victory Assured!  This is a thematic study of the book of Revelation that focuses on the "big picture" rather than all of the details that can be difficult to interpret. This 13 lesson study is perfect for preachers and Bible class teachers on a quarterly system.



The Three Worlds of Eternity

     My book on what happens to the soul when a person dies. Various chapters include thoughts on the resurrection, judgment, Hades, Heaven and Hell.

     $11.00 plus shipping and handling.

     Email me to order.



Victory Assured!

     A devotional guide to the book of Revelation. Instead of agonizing over all the details that are difficult to understand, Revelation is explained in general terms so that the reader will gain a practical understanding of John's apocalypse.

     $13.00 plus shipping and handling.

     Email me to order.









In honor of a fine friend and Christian brother, I will be posting some sermon outlines from the late Roy H. Enoch. Roy was an excellent student of God's word, solid in interpretation, and logical in approach.  I hope you will spiritually profit from my sharing of these outlines. Click here to go to this page.




The Persuasive Pulpit

     I have wanted to write this volume for a long time. It is primarily a guide for preachers to be more persuasive in their preaching. It is an informative read for anyone interested.

     $13.00 plus shipping and handling.

     Email me to order or find it on Amazon (eBook too)!