Understanding the Old and New Testaments

     A basic review of each book of the Bible and a comparison of the covenants.. Worksheet   Answers


The Coming of the Kingdom (Church)

     When did the church begin? A look at various determining factors.. Worksheet   Answers


How to Become a Christian

     The plan of salvation with a defense of the essentiality of baptism..Worksheet   Answers


The Three Great Works of the Church

     A look at evangelism, edification, and benevolence.. Worksheet   Answers


New Testament Worship

     The pattern of Christianity explained and a look at six parts of worship.. Worksheet   Answers


Why the churches of Christ do not use instrumental music in worship

     A defense of a cappella singing..Article


Office (Ministries) in the Church

     Jesus set up His church with various leadership ministries.. Worksheet   Answers


Some Common False Doctrines

     A quick reference to some things people believe and a Bible response.. Worksheet   Answers


The Second Coming of Christ

     Always a great study, the basics of the second coming of Christ are listed..Worksheet     Answers



The Plan of Salvation--Faith

     Salvation has always been by faith. A look at the first step to becoming a Christian..PDF


The Plan of Salvation--Repentance

     This step may be the most difficult of them all, but must be done..PDF


The Plan of Salvation--Confession

     Never to be overlooked. Confession is made unto salvation..PDF


The Plan of Salvation--Baptism (1)

     The NT teaches the necessity of baptism; here's a concise look..PDF


The Plan of Salvation--Baptism (2)

     Some misconceptions about baptism are discussed..PDF


The Plan of Salvation--Living Faithfully

     A life of faithful service is what God desires from His people..PDF









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