A Great Paradox: Matthew 16:25

     To what degree have you lost your life. You must lose it to save it….. PDF


A Note to Fathers

     A great list of things a good father will do for his children….. PDF


A Traveler's Guide to Heaven

     Here's what you need and what you need to know about a trip to heaven….. PDF


Alexander Campbell, The Man and His Message

     A look at one of the most influential men of the American Restoration Movement…..PDF


Are the Lost Really Lost?

     A most sobering question that must be asked…..PDF


Are You Ready?

     Seven things in which a Christian is to be ready….. PDF


Balance and Moderation

     Extremes usually get us in trouble, the truth lies in showing balance….. PDF


Being Faithful

     Four powerful Scriptures on being a faithful Christian….. PDF


Being Thankful for Spiritual Blessings

     Let us never forget that the spiritual blessings are greater than the material ones….. PDF


Being Thankful for What We Can Do

     It is a blessing to be able to serve God, no matter how much or how little….. PDF


Christ Has a Job for You

     Are you looking for something to do in the church, here is a great place to start….. PDF



     Some thoughts from the great restoration preacher, Walter Scott….. PDF


Christ Was Made

     Christ is the subject of the Bible. Five ways he was "made"….. PDF


Christian One-liners

     Some thoughts copied from the Internet….. PDF


Christian Living means Sacrifice

     Christian living is sacrificial living….. PDF


Christians: Who and What

     A concise but Biblically accurate statement about who Christians are and what they should do….. PDF


Computer (Life) Efficiency

     Some parallels between keeping a computer running smoothly and our lives….. PDF


Consummation Before Commencement

     One must consummate the old life before commencing with the new….. PDF


Don't Fear the Future

     With God as our strength we should have no fear of the future and the change it may bring….. PDF


Don't Stay Away from Church...

     Silly excuses some use to stay away from worship….. PDF



     One of the most powerful gifts in the church is that of being an encourager….. PDF


Enjoy the Coffee

     A simple, but powerful lesson on confusing the unimportant with the necessary….. PDF


Eve, the Mother of All Living

     An article in appreciation of all good Christian mothers….. PDF


Fads and the Real Things

     The latest new doctrine or practice may not be Biblical, but just a passing fad….. PDF


Fall Back, Spring Forward?

     Proper time management….. PDF


Fellowship Is Important

     In light of Heb. 10:24 we must be a caring and closely knit people…..PDF


Get Your Hearing Checked!

     Many times Jesus said, "He that has ear let him hear." Need a hearing check-up?….. PDF


Getting It Right

     There is a difference between doing things right, and doing the right things….. PDF


God Is Able!

     A great little article from "Pulpit Helps" on what God can do for us spiritually….. PDF


God is Faithful

     A few verse of reassurance about God….. PDF


God Needs You

     God's work is accomplished through the church.  God needs workers….. PDF


God's Spiritual Kingdom

     A brief review of the king, a territory, subjects, and law in the church….. PDF


God's Ten Most Wanted

     This is one list that every Christian should be on, and more than once!….. PDF


Grace is Not a License

     To treat the grace of God as a license to sin is to abuse this wonderful blessing….. PDF


Happy New Year

     This little acrostic will help you begin the new year right….. PDF


"Have Me Excused"

     Fifty unworthy, but used excuses for not coming to worship….. PDF

Help Wanted!

     There are all kinds of jobs in the kingdom. Find one you can do!….. PDF


How a Third Grader Sees God

     A simple and straightforward observation from a third graded, submitted by Danny Dutton….. PDF


How to Do Everything

     Christians have a spirit of power, love, and self-control….. PDF


I am a Soldier

     This kind of commitment is humbling and a bit scary!….. PDF


I Am Soldier in the Army of God

     This example of being a soldier will cause you to reflect on your resolve to be soldier for Jesus….. PDF



     To say that only most of or only some of the Bible is inspired is shaky ground….. PDF


Is the Restoration Dead?

     Too many people are unaware of the plea for unity via the restoration the NT church….. PDF


"It's Not Easy Being Green"

     Kermit the Frog knew it was hard to be different. Christians are to be different….. PDF


I Want to be Just a Christian

     It is not about being conservative or liberal, life is about being like Jesus….. PDF


I Will Stand My Post

     Even when we can't see God working in our lives, He is….. PDF


Jesus Christ Personified

     My thanks to Edd Sterchi for the excellent poem….. PDF


Jesus Had a Mission

     The most noble cause of seeking and saving that which was lost…..PDF


Jesus in the Book of Revelation

     A listing of the powerful images of Christ in the last book of the Bible….. PDF


Living and Dying… Which Are We?

     Differences between living churches and dying churches….. PDF


Man's Number One Problem

     There are many problems in the world, but the most serious is that of sin….. PDF



     A most interesting word. Is the Lord coming or has He already arrived?….. PDF



     Marriage; God's way….. PDF


Matthew 24:12-13

     Endurance is a big key to obtaining salvation….. PDF


My Spiritual Diet

     Advice on where to spend the most time in your reading/studying of Scripture….. PDF


No Bible Class for Six Weeks

     Do know folks who show up late for Bible classes? Here is a sarcastic solution!….. PDF


No Substitute for God's Word

     Commentaries and guides are helpful, but nothing compares to the Bible itself…..PDF


No Sweat Discipleship?

     Discipleship is costly, involving crosses, denial, struggle and suffering….. PDF


Open Hearts

     An open heart is essential to Bible study. While praying for wisdom, pray for open hearts too….. PDF


Our God

     Nine things that God is….. PDF


People Helping People

     Christians are to be people helpers….. PDF


Personal Responsibility

     We can blame no one but ourselves for our actions….. PDF



     Plant your time, talent, opportunities and money to reap spiritually….. PDF


Powerful Proverbs

     Compare these Bible proverbs and some of the sayings of man….. PDF



     Some scriptures on the topic of redemption….. PDF


Render to Caesar

     Paying taxes is no fun, but as Christians we must do so….. PDF


Should Your Example be Imitated?

     Jesus is the supreme example in all things, but how is your example doing?..... PDF


Snow Rollers

     This wonderful scientific phenomenon again shows the handiwork of God….. PDF


"Spell Check" Christianity

     Relying on the spell checker makes one a bad speller. Some do the same with their Christianity….. PDF


Strengthening Our Faith

     Eight practical things Christians can do to strengthen their faith….. PDF


Summer is Ended

     A humbling thought from the prophet Jeremiah….. PDF



     Christianity is enough by itself. To add to it, ruins it….. PDF


Taking God Seriously

     One serious checklist for those who are serious about their discipleship….. PDF


Ten Mistakes to Avoid

     Good, practical advice….. PDF







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